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About The Farm

Since opening in 2022 P & J FARMSTEAD has been working hard at raising quality Boer Goat in Alcona County, MI. We’re committed to not only providing quality ABGA Boer Show Goats, 4-H goats and commercial. 


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About Pam and Dexter

I started in goats January of 2022. I had bought a 2 week old baby Billy Goat. I asked the people what kind of breed he was and they said Boer cross with Nubian. I knew what a Nubian was, but I never heard of a Boer Goat. I went online and looked up Boer Goat. It was the most gorgeous goat I ever seen. Very muscular, wide in stature with a red head and white body. This is called a traditional. The baby goat I purchased as a pet will be 1 year old January 2023. He is the one that gave me the love for goats and now I have 14 goats today. Dexter is now 10 months old, and he goes around the farm with me to do chores in the morning and evening.

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